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Cryptogram by Pixplicity.

Publisher: Pixplicity

Cryptogram for Android is an addicting game where you decipher encrypted text to reveal motivational quotes! Each cryptogram (or cryptoquote in this case) is a puzzle consisting of a short, piece of encrypted text. The cipher (or secret code) used to encrypt the text is simple enough so that it can be solved by hand – no need for a supercomputer! It’s a great game that is both challenging enough but still very do-able.

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Key Features of the Game App:
– It works completely offline so you don’t have to worry about a network connection to play!
– You can compare your statistics against friends and others to see how you stack up.
– Keep track of puzzles that you’ve already solved and revisit them when you want to.
– Get help by revealing hint and clues along the way.
– Absolutely, completely free!
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IN CASE YOU’RE STUCK, HOWEVER, AND LOOKING TO GET PAST THAT ONE CIPER THAT YOU CAN’T QUITE SEEM TO SOLVE while playing Cryptogram for Android, we at App Clarify, are here to help you with that 1 answer or solution so that you can continue to move on and enjoy the rest of the game / app.

CHECK BELOW for the answers and solutions to Cryptogram for Android!

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