The Guides Axiom

The Guides Axiom

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Cheats, Solutions, Tips, Answers and Walkthroughs for popular app game “The Guides Axiom”, available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle and Android.

The Guides Axiom by Kevin Bradford.

Publisher: Kevin Bradford

The Guides Axiom is the sequel to one of the best puzzle games for iOS and Android. The Guides Axiom introduces numerous new codes, puzzles, riddles, and interactive ciphers to challenge you. It will test and stretch your wit and imagination in new and unique ways. Your ingenuity will be challenged to find innovative, ingenious ways to get the solutions and move forward.

Make no mistake, this app game is not easy. It’s hard to advance and progressing to the next level takes a lot of effort. But everything you need – all the tools and hints you need to proceed is (or has been) provided for you. So don’t give up!

Clues and patterns build on what you have learned. Remember what you have seen and what you have solved already – every detail matters. As you advance deeper and learn more, you’ll then begin to understand the enigma of The Guides Axiom.

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Key Features of the App Game:
• Many, many meticulously designed interactive puzzles and ciphers with many more on the way.
• One of a kind integrated decoding tools — including morse, binary and some that you don’t even know about yet.
• Nonlinear level select system and gameplay giving you the freedom to explore a much broader game path.
• Feature to save screenshots and record notes to help keep track of clues and hints along the way.

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Now, here are all the walkthroughs and solutions to The Guides Axiom! Pick a solution walkthrough below.

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