That Level Again 3 – Story Ending Walkthrough


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That Level Again 3 Story Ending Walkthrough, Solutions, Tips and Walkthroughs. Game available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle and Android.

That Level Again 3 by IamTagir

TLA and TLA2 continued. This time it’s not levels, but a story (and a few separate levels).
A lot of logic brain teasers and interesting solutions.
Read the messages, use your brains and have fun!

Ending Walkthrough

  • For the ending you will start exactly like you did at the first time. Get the buttons, and get the key from above. But do not go left room after you got the key (should hold it). This time, go to the right side, where the red door is. Hold all the buttons together (right/left/up) and the door would open. Now move all the way to the right, passing the same rooms you did towards the end, and completing them just like you did before. Move until you get to the room where the girl fell. Open the door and fall down. While staying on the red button, click 2 times the left button, then 2 times right button and in the end 2 times jump/up button. The door would open, and that it.

    They lived in the black and white world with their huge heads happily ever after.